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Random from My Characters

Other artist's renditions of my own characters! I proudly show off any and all art that others have done for me here. :)

Random from Ulario's Stamp Collection

What blogs/FAQs would you be most interested in seeing me write about? 

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Hey all!

As promised, there will be a third calender this year, which will be the "Beastly Zodiac" calender!
It will feature animal/fantasy creature/anthro characters with zodiac themes!

Each month will feature a different character drawn with a theme for the zodiac symbol for that month.  The background will be space/starry and will have the ruling planet of that zodiac symbol.

Slots are $50, and drawings will be fully colored and shaded!

There are a few things to note about this calender:
*  The title is "Beastly Zodiac", so all animal-based characters are allowed!  This includes anthros, real animals, pets, fantasy creatures.  I won't have gender restrictions, either.  As long as your character has an animal face, he/she is fair game!
*  Your character's species doesn't have to correspond to that of the zodiac symbol.  That being said, by taking the slot you're giving me permission to adjust their costuming to fit the zodiac symbol.  For example, your character doesn't have to be a goat to take the Capricorn slot... but don't be surprised if I give her horns like Loki.  :)
*  If you want a slot, but don't have a character that fits, I can design one for you if you'd like.
*  These pictures will be used for a real, printed calender.
*  I am only doing the first half of the year now.  The slots for the second half of the year will be opened once these are finished.
*  These slots must be paid for within 24 hours of me approving you.
*  To claim a slot, comment below with your character references and what slot you want.
*  I'll be working on this along side my normal projects, so please give me a few months to complete these... although it probably won't take nearly that long.

*  GEMINI!  I feel like I need to bring this up, since Gemini's slot will be a little unusual.  Since there will be two characters in that picture, I will be offering two separate slots for Gemini for $35 a piece.  You can claim one or both of these slots (provided that they are both available).  I would reeaaaallly prefer that Gemini be two anthro characters since I already have an idea for that one.

Now, onto the slots.  I will be listing each of the slots as well as their ruling planet (in the off chance that it will influence what slot someone wants)

Capricorn (Saturn) - Kytherean
Aquarius (Uranus) - Raust
Pisces (Neptune) - NewEnglander
Ares (Mars) - Yuri_Bloodfang
Taurus (Venus) - Zervon
Gemini Part 1 $35 (Mercury) - JetDelta7
Gemini Part 2 $35 (Mercury) - JetDelta7

Thanks for looking!  I'm really hoping that this project goes over well since I love space stuff and really want to see it succeed.


Ulario's Profile Picture
Traci Vermeesch
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
A science fiction obsessed geek-ette from Michigan. I've been drawing and making up stories as long as I can remember. I don't really know what else to say about myself, so here are some random things that I love/like: Firefly/Serenity, Star Wars, gryphons, tea, parrots and other cute birdies, mythological creatures, the male form, art history, learning about different cultures and mythologies, space and astronomy, imagination and creativity, The Spoony One, musical scores, people who actually think before they speak, cooking, tattoos, cheesecake.

Most anime/manga (sorry), potatoes, Oreo cookies, Furry/Brony/Whatever terms and lingo ('yiff', 'What the buck?!', 'fursona', 'pegasister', 'mate', etc...), atrocious spelling and grammar, art thieves, copycats, earwigs (they look like something out of my nightmares), people on the internet who act like entitled little brats.

I am....
* A colorist primarily. I do draw as well (obviously), but my skills lie mostly with coloring.
* A Fantasy and Sci-Fi Illustrator
* While most of my gallery is anthro art (95% of which is done on commission), I actually consider myself to be a science fiction artist above all else. Sci-Fi is my first love by far!
* I draw anthros/furries for the same reason I like to draw aliens and mythological beasts... because there can be a lot of creativity in the characters. I'm really not much of a "furry" since I'm not very involved in the fandom. I don't really consider myself to be one, but I don't care whether or not you call me one.
* I'm originally from Michigan, but moved to Canada after marrying my Quebecer husband. I'm now residing in Michigan again.
* Browncoat
* All around sweetie pie.

This is how I roll....
Some things you should know about me
* I am not a one-note artist. I draw a variety of things from anthros to humans to space art. Keep that in mind if you're thinking of watching me for one specific thing that I draw!
* I'm easy to talk to and very laid back. Don't be afraid to leave comments or ask questions. I won't bite. :)
* Although I don't respond to every comment, I do take time to read all of them and appreciate each one.
* I'm more likely to respond to an intelligent question or a well thought out comment then a "ZOMG! Awesome!" I don't really don't have much to say in response to one-word comments.
* Most of the work in my gallery is done for other people, Most of them are commissions or works I intend to sell. My goal for most of these pictures is to make the client happy. My personal work is very different than work I've done for others! For one, I don't put as much 'sex appeal' into personal work and characters.
* I'm not into role playing. I wish I was, but I just can't get into it.
* As much as I'd like to... I don't give one on one art lessons. I just don't have the time. I may go back teach art at my local community centers from time to time, though.
* I'm too old to argue with trolls. Don't waste your breath since I'll just ignore and hide any trollish comments.
* I consider this site of mine to be a business website. Therefore, 'douche-baggery' will not be tolerated here. Harassing, namecalling, trolling or just being a general asshat to myself or others in my journal or in my submissions is uncalled for and will automatically earn you a block! This is your FIRST and ONLY warning on the matter so play nice when you're on my sites.
* No. Seriously. If you behave like a total douchebag while you are on my site, then I -WILL- block you!
* Pretty much all textures I use are from An AWESOME texture resource site. I can't tell you where I got most of my photoshop brushes from, since I have a big folder of freeware brushes that I use that I didn't keep tract of where I got them from. Sorry. >_<
* Gay and racial slurs are not welcome on my site, and if you use them here, neither are you. This is an art site, not the place for that.
* nocreepycommentsplz.

The bottom line... I am a ridiculously nice person. Unless you give me a reason not to be!

If you have questions or comments about commissions or other services that I offer, please send me a note rather then publicly announcing them on my front page since I consider such things to be private conversations between artists and client. The exception to this would be specials that I run in my journal or egg adoptables.
- DO NOT thank me for watches and faves. I don't want my front page filled with them. If anything, I should be thanking you for making such beautiful things.
- If you see a typo in one of my character sheets or other image that has heavy text, for the love all things holy please send me a note about it rather than publicly announcing it! I do fix things and I only hide trollish comments, so forever having it in my comments after it has been fixed really annoys me!
- DO NOT advertise contests on my page or leave comments asking me to buy something from you or look at your gallery. It's just annoying and it really makes me NOT want to participate/buy/whatever. I will ignore these comments and mark them as spam.


:bulletblue:Generic Art FAQ
:bulletblue:Image/Species/Character Usage FAQ
:bulletblue:Commission FAQ
:bulletblue:Egg Adoptable FAQ
:bulletblue:About the artist FAQ
:bulletblue:Requests and Trades FAQ
:bulletblue: Azure Wheel Galaxy FAQ
:bulletblue: Worldbuilding/Writing FAQ
:bulletblue: Character Design

:bulletblue:Technique FAQ (Coming Soon)

I will periodically updating this with links to the planned FAQs
More FAQs will be added if I think of them.

Have a question that is not answered in these FAQs? Ask via a comment in the appropriate FAQ and I will try to answer it and possibly add it to an FAQ if I feel it needs to be there.
Unless you are being a douche and/or a troll. Then I will hide your comment.



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:thanks: Thanks for the watch :+devwatch:
TaksArt Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just need to throw this out into the world, since i'm having a nostalgia moment. You were like my 6th comment ever on my actual page here on deviantart, 11 years ago....

out of those first 6 who commented, you are the only one who is still active, AND I still watch! lol 
I've Watched you for 11 years! my mind is blown

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Hi! For task 7 I need to know what your OC likes to do.…
Please reply soon. I am a slow artist.
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Hey there!
Deren was a slave/gladiator for ten years prior to the present time, so because of that he really doesn't know what to do with his free time.  He really enjoys the simpler things... hanging at the bar with friends, having good food or a good beer, playing card games, strolling through the Imperial Gardens and playing with/caring for the Emperor's pride of opinicus (Ulario especially -… )

Hope this helps! 
iamkathybrown Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yeah, and John Doe likes studying and relearning magic and reading. As Articus he loved to perform for the crowd, live beyond his means, and schmooze the elite, especially the women. Both have traits of each other, but not as strongly as the ones listed under their name if that makes sense. 
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