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Random from My Characters

Other artist's renditions of my own characters! I proudly show off any and all art that others have done for me here. :)

Random from Ulario's Stamp Collection

PokePoll #3: Legendary Pokemon Theme... pick one you'd like to most see in my Poke pinups series. 

42 deviants said Articuno
40 deviants said Lugia
32 deviants said MewTwo
14 deviants said Ho-oh
10 deviants said Kyogre
9 deviants said Solgaleo
9 deviants said Raikou
7 deviants said Zapdos
5 deviants said Moltres
5 deviants said Entei


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Well, look at that.  I was tagged by ProbablyImpossible who wanted to know more about Misha.……

1.  Let me first start with Misha's species. She is a Zeran, a species with technology akin to what we had during WWII.  They resemble anthropomorphic horned cats because of a old story about British soldiers in WWII who found shelter in an abandoned house and claimed that they saw a demonic horned cat in the stairway. Zeran also have tufted tails like a lion so they would slightly resemble gremlin tails.  A little nod to the myths about gremlins from that time period. 

2.  Misha has never set foot on the Zeran homeworld. In my universe, there is a problem with black market traders to capture members of species who have not yet discovered space travel to sell as living trophies. Among these were Misha's pregnant mother. Misha was born on a space station. 

3.  Even though Misha has no ties to her homeworkd, her favorite foods tend to be those that were often served in old diners such as milkshakes, hamburgers, fries and cherry colas. 

4.  She is a privateer captain of her own ship and has a small crew that she commands. Her preferred target is slavers and black market traders to help insure that what happened to her mother won't happen to others. 

5. She loves to swing dance. 

6. She has no love interest. People think that's she's asexual but she's not. She's simply not attracted to members of other species in that way. And since she's never seen another Zeran before...

7. I dunno why, but I always pictured her voice sounding a lot like Kaylee from firefly.

8.  The easiest way to make her angry is to disregard the life of another. 


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Traci Vermeesch
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a science fiction-obsessed geek-ette from Michigan. I'm just a country girl from a small town that's been drawing, writing and world building as long as I can remember. I'm not sure what else to say about myself, so here's some things that I love:
Science fiction (my first love), Star Wars, Firefly, Gryphons, Cute Birdies (especially quaker parrots), mythological creatures, space and astronomy, tea, cooking.

Mean people, oreo cookies, fandom lingo, copycats, strangers who act clingy, earwigs.

This is a business site for me, so please act with respect towards myself and others while you are here. I have little tolerance for trolls, jerks, mooches and people who act like entitled little brats and think that I "owe" them something just because they watch me. I will block people who do not carry themselves with common decency and respect towards others on my sites so don't be one of "those" people.

I have zero tolerance for drama and will immediately ban anyone who tries to bring it to my page!!!

Also, DO NOT ask to buy one of my personal characters or an adopt that I have purchased! They are NOT for sale and you will will only succeed in annoying me and thinking you are incredibly rude!
When I buy or create a character, they are with me for the long haul. Even though you don't see art of them does not mean that I have not already placed them in my galaxy or have some art that I have not posted publicly! Remember, I work on commissions full time, so I do not always have time to draw all the personal characters that I want to!

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I will periodically updating this with links to the planned FAQs
More FAQs will be added if I think of them.

Have a question that is not answered in these FAQs? Ask via a comment in the appropriate FAQ and I will try to answer it and possibly add it to an FAQ if I feel it needs to be there.
Unless you are being a douche and/or a troll. Then I will hide your comment.


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