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May 21, 2013
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Egg Adoptables - Round 12 (All Gone!) by Ulario Egg Adoptables - Round 12 (All Gone!) by Ulario
These are not cookie cutter adoptables! The end result will be a unique piece of art with the buyer getting rights to the character created.
Before asking questions about adoptables, please make sure it hasn't already been answered here or on the FAQ: [link]
Check the bottom of the page to see if the egg you want has already been claimed. Thank you.

I won't accept deviantArt points as payment since I can't use them to buy groceries or pay the electric bill. The day that the power company and grocery store accepts dA points, I'll start accepting them. Until that day, dA points are about as useful to me as a snow plow in the middle of July.
On that same note, I won't accept art trades as payment. Sorry.

Yes, some eggs do have accessories (Wings, Hair, etc...). It is just there to show what the person who buys the eggs will be getting as features on their critters. Don't read into it any more then that. Really... I find comments like "Those spikes would have made that egg hard to lay" to be extremely annoying since they're not meant to be taken that seriously.

Eggs for sale!
For $10 you will get to choose one of the above eggs as your very own. A week after you have claimed an egg, it will hatch and you will have your own character. These are magic eggs, so any species you want can hatch from them. That's right, you get to pick the species that will hatch! For standard $10 eggs, anthros will be wearing simple clothing or be PG-13 nude.
This is an example of what you will get from the egg in terms of quality. As you can see these are not made from a generic cookie-cutter base like other adoptables. Each one is separately hand drawn so yours will be special and unique.

Examples of what you'll get:

New Options for Adoptables
New Options:  When claiming an egg, please specify if you want these options added on, because if nothing is specified I'll assume that you want a standard egg.

  DELUXE EGGS (Add $5) -  This means that I really get to go nuts with the character design and spend more time with the character, giving more complex clothing or armor, weapons, accessories, small animal companions, etc.  Here's some examples of that the 'deluxe' eggs would look like. - [link]

MULTIPLE FORMS (Add $10 per form... up to three.) - Someone from the last round specifically requested this and it was a fun idea, so I'm offering it as an extra option.  Since some people like shapeshifters and critters that can change from anthro to feral, I can design the multiple forms of the critter. - [link]

  GROWN-UP OPTION (Add $45 regardless of if it was a simple or deluxe egg.  If your critter has multiple forms that you'd like illustrated as grown ups, it will be $45 per design). - I can even do this option for egg adoptables that you have purchased from previous rounds. - [link]

  CHARACTER DESIGN PORTFOLIOS $125- I dunno how many people will be interested in this option, but since this will be a regular commission option that I'd like to start doing and need examples of it, I'm going to start offering it first here for a discounted price.  Character design portfolios mean that I will be spending a ridiculous amount of time with the character and includes a deluxe egg adoptable (one form), full illustration of the egg as an adult, a page of concept sketches, conbadge, real media ACEO, and prints of all digitally done art work/original sketches mailed to you anyplace in the world.  The person who orders this option will also get more say in the design of their critter.  Since this option is very time consuming I'll likely limit the amount of people that can ask for this option per round.

How to get one!
- Comment here (Not via notes!) and tell me what egg you'd like to have and what species you'd like to hatch from the egg. If you have a specific gender in mind, let me know that too and I'll keep it in mind when designing your critter. You can claim up to two of them per batch. :)
- If the egg you want has not been claimed already, then I will send you a note with my paypal address. (Paypal only)
- Send the money
- Wait. After payment has been received, your egg will hatch and your hatchling will be posted in my galleries as a unique piece of art like the one shown in the examples. I try to finish the entire round in a month.
- The critter that comes out is all yours! Have fun!

But I don't like kids! Can I have a grown-up instead?
One of the reasons I can keep these so cheap is because children take a lot less time for me to draw then adults. Plus, I've never seen a fully-grown adult hatch from an egg before. >_>
However, there are options for your critter to be drawn as a grow up. See the extras section for details.
If you don't want those options, you're free to grow up your critter yourself. :)


A few notes on species you can choose!
* You can request that your egg hatch into any animal including fantasy creatures!
* When requesting a creature, give me a generic species such as "wolf" or "gryphon".   Please, please PLEASE don't go into great detail about exactly what you want the critter to look like, since another one of the reasons I can keep this so cheap is because of the artistic liberties I can take.
* If you want a dragon, you can be a little more specific with your request as there are many types of dragon. For example, you can ask for a "Chinese Dragon", Western Dragon" or a "Wyvern".
* Your hatchling CAN be an anthro! When requesting your species, please let me know that you want an anthro because unless you specify this, it will be up to my discretion! Also, please be aware that the anthro will have very simple clothing... such as a loincloth or will be (PG rated) nude unless you purchase the deluxe option. You are more then welcome to design different clothes for your critter if you'd like! :)
* You can request the critter be an original species as long as you provide a reference picture of the species (no text references) and you have rights to the species.
* Creatures of folklore that aren't owned by anyone or species in the public domain, such as the cheshiere cat, are more then okay to choose!
* Feel free to challenge me with species if you'd like. Don't be afraid to ask for something bizzare!
* Species with a human-like face are now acceptable!

What you CAN do with your hatchling!
* Give them a name, gender, background and personality.
* Use them as a fursona or personal character.
* Use it for stories and roleplay.
* Turn them into grown-ups!
* The character will be yours! Have fun with it as long as it's for private use!
* I don't mind if you post the drawing I did of your critter on your dA/FA page. Just post a link back to either my FurAffinity account (UlarioGryphon) or deviantArt account (Ulario).

What you CAN NOT do with your hatchling!
* Claim the design was done by you.
* Re-sell the design or use it for commercial purposes (IE use the character for anything you want to publish, including prints).
* I would prefer that the character NOT be used in any pornographic stories/pictures that you are planning on posting publicly since my name is still attached to the design. If you are planning on keeping the character as a "cub", then using the design in any type of adult material is strictly prohibited. Sorry, but that's a darker side of the internet that I really do not want to be associated with. o_O

Emerald Magic - TheFurryEngineer
Leviathan - Xelaardn
Frost - Afiliu
Orion - Nuwame
Warrior - Taravia
Darkfire - PhoenixHalfbreed
Legendary - Raust
Skyfire - Arazia
Malasian Coral - Crazy-Husky
Domino - PhoenixHalfbreed
Zombie - PoultergeistNaga
High Tide - Injestwine
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kuroida Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
You might get this a lot but you can use trade your points for cash if you use the commission widget. Unless of course there's some other complication in which you can't. Just thought I should point it out since some people don't seem to know about it. 
Ulario Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I am aware of them.  However, they are pretty inconvenient.

dA takes a rather large cut, I am limited with the price that I can set and it takes over a week for me to see the $$$ from the sales.
HeroesFanboy138 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Wow, this is the first time I've actually looked into the egg adoptable info and I just now realize what a great deal these are. I mean, for just $10, I could get a character of gender and species of my choosing, designed by a wonderful and creative talent, to do with as I please. I have been following your work for years and haven't realized this. I will defiantly have to look into this when this comes around again, unless I idiot this up again.
inejwstine Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
High Tide!
Ulario Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Are you saying that you want it? >_<
inejwstine Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, sorry! I want it.
Ulario Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Okay! It's yours then. :)

What species would you like?

My paypal address is
inejwstine Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And, sent. :)
Ulario Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
inejwstine Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Much thanks! ^^
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