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August 25, 2012
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Egg Adoptables - Round 6 by Ulario Egg Adoptables - Round 6 by Ulario
Before asking questions about adoptables, please make sure it hasn't already been answered here or on the FAQ: [link]

I won't accept deviantArt points as payment since I can't use them to buy groceries or pay the electric bill. The day that the power company and grocery store accepts dA points, I'll start accepting them. Until that day, dA points are about as useful to me as a snow plow in the middle of July.
On that same note, I won't accept art trades as payment. Sorry.

Eggs for sale!
For $10 you will get to choose one of the above eggs as your very own. A week after you have claimed an egg, it will hatch and you will have your own character. These are magic eggs, so any species you want can hatch from them. That's right, you get to pick the species that will hatch!
This is an example of what you will get from the egg in terms of quality. As you can see these are not made from a generic cookie-cutter base like other adoptables. Each one is separately hand drawn so yours will be special and unique.

Examples of what you'll get:

How to get one!
- Comment here (Not via notes!) and tell me what egg you'd like to have and what species you'd like to hatch from the egg. If you have a specific gender in mind, let me know that too and I'll keep it in mind when designing your critter. You can claim up to two of them per batch. :)
- If the egg you want has not been claimed already, then I will send you a note with my paypal address. (Paypal only)
- Send the money
- Wait. Between a few days to two weeks after payment has been received, your egg will hatch and your hatchling will be posted in my galleries as a unique piece of art like the one shown in the examples.
- The critter that comes out is all yours! Have fun!

But I don't like kids! Can I have a grown-up instead?
One of the reasons I can keep these so cheap is because children take a lot less time for me to draw then adults. Plus, I've never seen a fully-grown adult hatch from an egg before. >_>
However, for an extra $35 I can draw your critter as a grown up. Just let me know you'd like this option either when you first claim the egg OR after your egg has hatched. You will receive your picture of your critter all grown up 2-3 weeks after your egg has hatched. It will be a full bodied picture of your critter in full color and will include a mottled background.

If you don't want that option, you're more then welcome to turn the character design into a grown-up yourself if you'd like.


A few notes on species you can choose!
* You can request that your egg hatch into any animal including fantasy creatures!
* When requesting a creature, give me a generic species such as "wolf" or "gryphon".   Please, please PLEASE don't go into great detail about exactly what you want the critter to look like, since another one of the reasons I can keep this so cheap is because of the artistic liberties I can take.
* If you want a dragon, you can be a little more specific with your request as there are many types of dragon. For example, you can ask for a "Chinese Dragon", Western Dragon" or a "Wyvern".
* Your hatchling CAN be an anthro! When requesting your species, please let me know that you want an anthro because unless you specify this, it will be drawn as a feral! Also, please be aware that the anthro will have very simple clothing... such as a loincloth or will be (PG rated) nude. You are more then welcome to design different clothes for your critter if you'd like! :)
* You can request the critter be an original species as long as you provide a reference picture of the species (no text references) and you have rights to the species. I cannot do copyrighted species, such as Pokemon due to the copyright issues.
* Creatures of folklore that aren't owned by anyone or species in the public domain, such as the cheshiere cat, are more then okay to choose!
* Feel free to challenge me with species if you'd like. Don't be afraid to ask for something bizzare!
* No species with a human-like face will be accepted! Sorry. :(

What you CAN do with your hatchling!
* Give them a name, gender, background and personality.
* Use them as a fursona or personal character.
* Use it for stories and roleplay.
* Turn them into grown-ups!
* The character will be yours! Have fun with it as long as it's for private use!

What you CAN NOT do with your hatchling!
* Claim the design was done by you.
* Re-sell the design or use it for commercial purposes (IE use the character for anything you want to publish, including prints).
* I don't mind if you post the drawing I did of your critter on your dA/FA page. Just post a link back to either my FurAffinity account (UlarioGryphon) or deviantArt account (Ulario).
* I would prefer that the character NOT be used in any pornographic stories/pictures that you are planning on posting publicly since my name is still attached to the design. If you are planning on keeping the character as a "cub", then using the design in any type of adult material is strictly prohibited. Sorry, but that's a darker side of the internet that I really do not want to be associated with. o_O

Deviled Egg- Triple-Crow - Okapi Anthro - [link]
Jade Egg - DragonEye11 - Eastern Dragon
Deep Sea Egg - RottenNekomata - Surprise (Rare Marine Anthro) - [link]
Ice Rune Egg - Triple-Crow - Winged Deer Anthro
Lavender Egg - Fulminar - Surprise (Hooved Anthro) - [link]
Cinnabar Egg - Stygma - Bat Anthro - [link]
Cobalt Heat Egg - Runora - Barn Swallow Anthro - [link]
Purity Egg - AnnaLeighC - Deer/Dragon Anthro
Dragonfly Egg - Dragonfly Egg - AnnaLeighC - Koala/Dragon/Insect Hybrid thingie... - [link]
Blue Angel Egg - ErlonHart - Anthro Otter - [link]
Lightning Egg - RottenNekomata - Flying Anthro (NOT Dragon or Wyvern) - [link]
Blood & Onyx Egg - Amberyn77 - Gryphon - [link]
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I love your eggs they are amazing :)
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Your question has already been answered in my adoptable FAQ - [link]
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oh, ok. in that case, i shall look and envy ^^ :heart:
ESHanninen-M Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it wierd that I think the eggs are just as fascinating as the critters that hatch out of them. I love your color combinations on these.
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I want Cobalt Heat egg
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Someone already claimed that one, sorry. The only two that are left are Jade and Cinnabar.
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