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September 3, 2012
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The Jade Egg - Adoptable by Ulario The Jade Egg - Adoptable by Ulario
Owner: Dragoneye11 (Of FurAffinity)
Egg Name: Jade
Species: Chinese Dragon (w/ both feral and anthro forms)

Since there seems to be some confusion about my adoptables, this critter already has an owner and is not currently for adoption. If you would like an egg adoptable of your own, please wait until I post the next round of eggs.

The client who got this egg specifically requested both anthro and feral forms.

Egg Adoptables... This is How I Roll
:star: As you can see, when you get an adoptable from me, you're not just getting a cookie cutter recoloring of a single base, you're actually getting a one of a kind drawing of a new original character that you get rights to!
:star: I don't just do a rush of random colored characters. I actually put time and effort into the finished adoptable to come up with a character that is the same quality as my own character.
:star: Those who buy my adoptables have full rights to use the character for personal use.
:star: During the times that I run adoptable rounds, I will do one or two of them every morning as a warm up sketch for the day, so they are usually posted in the morning hours. They may be posted later in the day if I get bored and decide to complete one.
:star: Have questions about my egg adoptables? Make sure it hasn't already been answered on my FAQ!!!! If you refuse to read the FAQ, then I refuse to answer your questions that have already been answered there!!!! - [link]
Kida54 Sep 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This should be a Squiby creature
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